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From Kerrighed

Kerrighed version 3.0.0

  • [kernel] Port to linux 2.6.30
  • Features:
    • Checkpoint/restart
      • Add various options to checkpoint and restart
      • Add tools ipccheckpoint and ipcrestart to help checkpoint/restart of applications using IPC objects
    • Kerrighed containerization
      • [kernel] Run Kerrighed in a Linux container
      • New tools krgboot[_helper] and krginit[_helper] to run Kerrighed in a Linux container
    • Fully automatic cluster boot
    • Kerrighed hotplug
      • [kernel] Experimental support for adding nodes to a live cluster
      • New krgadm semantics:
        • kill commands 'cluster start' and 'wait_start',
        • make command 'nodes add' the default way to build a cluster
  • Fixes:
    • [kernel] Support migration of X connections
    • [kernel] Many bugfixes in socket migration
    • [kernel] Support migration / remote fork of chrooted applications
    • [kernel] Many migration fixes
    • [kernel] Support migration/distant fork of swapping processes.
    • Remove limitation on number of concurrent executions in KTP